We partner with you in all phases of design


Betatron has participated extensively in the Design phase of Product Development for many years, and can provide services to help you in all phases of your process. We can take you from concept to prototype to bring products to market quickly, competitively and with high quality. Always! It is critical to successful product development to get it right from the beginning, whether it's an update of existing products or developing new products for your markets.

  • PCB Design

  • PCB Layout

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Design for Test (DFT)

  • Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI)


  • Early stage collaborations -- Get your project off to the right start!

  • PCB Layout -- Very critical to the manufacturability of the board

  • DFM: Feedback of our 35+ years at the leading edge of manufacturing insures your products can be built without late stage build isses

  • MPI

  • Documentation review & cleanup: BOMs, drawings for fabrication and assembly, ECOs

  • DFT & Test strategy development

Betatron is equipped to work with the most challenging layout projects including dense board real estate, high layer counts, advanced materials and the latest component technologies. We constantly receive feedback from out Assembly and Test areas to make sure every board is based on our real world experience.