With over 100 combined years of hands-on experience in the design and assembly of PC Boards, Betatron makes its engineering capabilities available for design consulting. This consulting service is offered on two levels:

Manufacturability of Design - The question of whether a design will work has haunted many designers. We will perform a thorough analysis of your design plan and supply a report on any critical manufacturing challenges as well as possible workarounds to successfully manufacture your design.

Testability of Design - Successful and thorough testing can be a time consuming portion of the prototyping process. We will perform a testability analysis of your design to ensure that the structure of your board enables the most efficient, least time consuming testing possible.

Testing Services - Flying Probe Testing

  • 25”W x 26”L
  • Four topside and two bottomside probes
  • Ability to perform 4-wire Kelvin measurements
  • Capable of applying 4 guard points per step
  • Positioning resolution of 2.5 microns
  • Minimum pitch of 0.18mm between probe pins

Failure Analysis

With on-site testing capability, Betatron provides a seamless shift from manufacturing to failure analysis. Perhaps the most critical step of the manufacturing process, failure analysis thoroughly tests and evaluates the quality and weaknesses of components, design and assembly. Betatron delivers the highest quality analysis identifying all weaknesses and issues. Coupled with Betatron's commitment to "best possible yield" this results in the ability to quickly address the problem areas and accelerate the quality improvement process, leading to a shorter development cycle.

Failure Analysis Equipment: